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About Us

MPG - Medical Protective Gear, as the name implies, is a PPE

manufacturer, specifically disposable lab coats and isolation gowns.

The founder of MPG is a practicing healthcare professional with over 20

years experience. Our gowns and coats have been registered with the FDA.

Over the years, manufacturing and acquisition of ppe suppliers in the

current US market have their facilities located outside of the contiguous

United States. In effect, most PPE supplies are imported from outside

the USA. Covid 19 has highlighted obvious weak links in our national

PPE supply chain.

MPG is a US based company with our production factory located in

West Melbourne, Florida.

Our products: Disposable lab coats


Non surgical isolation gowns

Our fabric quality: 34-40 GMS fabric

Hydro repellent material

Knitted cuff and collar

Static free and breathable fabric.

MPG is all about high quality, competitive price and made in the USA

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